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Make Sure You Don’t Pay More — Or Get Less — Spousal Support Than You Deserve

Alimony is not routinely awarded in North Carolina. Unlike a few decades ago when there was one breadwinner in the family, today’s courts expect both spouses to work and be self-supporting after they split.

Spousal support may apply, however, if there is a large gap in earning power, or one spouse cannot maintain a similar standard of living because of age or health. The decision is ultimately up to a judge. At Billick Rogers Family Law, our role is to anticipate how a judge would rule, and either negotiate support as part of the divorce settlement or make a case in court for our client’s position.

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Post-Separation Support And Alimony In North Carolina

A judge can order post-separation support if you are legally separating, or alimony if you are divorcing. The law favors rehabilitative support over permanent alimony — temporary support until recipient spouses can “get on their feet.” Permanent alimony is rarely awarded, unless one spouse is a high earner and the other is disabled, elderly, uneducated or otherwise unable to earn a decent living.

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