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Separation Agreements

Seek Professional Advice When Considering A Divorce Lawyer

When meeting with clients and helping them determine their goals for divorce, compassion and careful advice is key. When negotiating with the client’s spouse, however, Concord divorce attorneys Amber Billick and Bill Rogers take a protective and aggressive stance to protect our client’s best interests throughout the process.

At Billick Rogers Family Law, we understand that early help from a lawyer is critical in a divorce case. Otherwise, you may lose important legal rights regarding your children and your financial assets. The way your divorce agreement is written can have long-lasting effects on your future, your financial stability and your children’s future.

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Compassionate With Clients, Protective Of Their Interests

North Carolina law recognizes different divorce processes: absolute divorce and divorce from bed and board. To qualify for an absolute divorce the parties must live in separate residences for one-year before seeking the dissolution. At least one of the spouses must intend to end the marriage as well to qualify for an absolute divorce. While a formal legal separation agreement is not required to prove the timing and length of the separation agreement, the contract may define obligations. If you choose to create a separation agreement, we can help.

In a divorce from bed and board, the court orders the separation of the parties based on the fault of one party. In this process, the spouse asserting fault must be deemed personally clear of any grounds for a fault-based divorce. This can be a challenging legal process, so we suggest discussing it with one of the experienced divorce lawyers at Billick Rogers Family Law.

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If you and your spouse cannot agree on issues, such as child custody or division of property or debt, mediation may be an option. However, litigation may be the only answer for a contested divorce. We will protect your rights in negotiations and at trial.

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