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We Can Help You Create A Functional Parenting Plan

There are infinite ways to be a good parent. When it comes to working with another person to provide a healthy child-rearing environment, however, not every option is equally effective. Creating a parenting plan that works is essential to your children’s future — and positively impacts your stress level.

At Billick Rogers Family Law, our family law team is devoted to helping parents make custody less complicated. We’ve spent years mastering not only the nuances of family law but also working to become effective mediators. Not everything can be resolved in court, and we firmly believe that families in Concord and the rest of North Carolina deserve opportunities to forego expensive, drawn-out battles by engaging smart, forward-thinking attorneys who put their clients’ — and children’s — best-interests first.

What Goes Into Good Parenting Plans?

Parenting plans do more than just determine who gets custody and when. These plans can be as detailed as you and your ex want them to be, but being willing to think ahead can improve your odds of providing a stable home environment. You may find it helpful to work with a lawyer regarding plan aspects such as:

  • How you’ll decide which third parties, such as grandparents, get to contact the children
  • Legal custody aspects like the disposition of trusts, education and other welfare decisions
  • Physical custody issues, such as when children live with each parent and how transfers work
  • How to make modifications and changes to the agreement

There’s no universal formula to creating a workable parenting plan. Instead, each family has to come to terms with their personal circumstances so they can devise arrangements that meet their unique needs. Our custody lawyer has the necessary understanding to help you know what’s at stake and make choices that are in your loved ones’ best interests.

The Need For Mediation

Mediation is increasingly popular among parents who are considering divorces and those who have already split. Going through mediation can minimize the amount of time that you spend in court by helping you get past potential disputes before they occur. Working with a responsible, neutral negotiator might also make it easier to prevent personal bickering from negatively impacting your kids.

Don’t let divorce, child custody or visitation challenges stop you and your children from settling into your new life. Talk to the experienced team at Billick Rogers Family Law about creating a better parenting plan. Contact us online or call 704-788-3262 today.