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Finding Effective Legal Representation In A Divorce

Filing for divorce can be one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face — but it doesn’t have to be as dreadful as you might think. Life goes on after marital separation, and the quality of yours can depend on the type of legal representation you decide on.

Family law cases can present an enormous challenge.  The law, both statutory and case law, is complex and constantly evolving.  Emotions cloud both parties’ perceptions and recollections, making an accurate understanding of the facts difficult.

There’s what happened, then there’s the story about what happened.

Separated couples usually have recollections that are both held strongly and greatly different, as well as opinions about how and why their relationship ended.  Quality representation in family law requires sound legal judgment, which can only be obtained through experience.

Our approach to these cases comes down to this: 1) Identify the best realistic outcome, 2) Develop a plan to accomplish that outcome as efficiently as possible, and 3) Accomplish these goals with as little collateral damage as possible.  And of course, always listen to our clients.  The future of your family, your relationships and your pocketbook depend on it.  We never underestimate the value of alternative dispute processes, especially mediation, in accomplishing your goals.

Years ago, Bill Rogers encountered a former client in the grocery store.  “I had been her lawyer in a divorce case about 15 years before.  She said that I had told her something that she had always remembered and appreciated.  I assumed it much have been some brilliant legal advice, but it wasn’t.  It was this:

‘You are going to live through this mess, and everything is going to be OK.’

Handling the legal aspect of a case is why people seek out a lawyer.  But there is so much more in family law.  Since that day at the grocery store, I’ve never forgotten that.”

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