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Name Changes

Let Us Handle The Procedure For You

Legally changing your name is a procedure best handled by an attorney. You do not want to make an innocent mistake that could harm your chances of changing your name.

Whether you need to change your name following a divorce or separation, or you want to change a child’s name, the experienced divorce and family law lawyer at Billick Rogers Family Law can help. Located in Concord, we help people throughout North Carolina.

Contact our Concord office to arrange a consultation, or brief us on your situation here.

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Reasons You May Change Your Name

When you work with our firm, an attorney will draft all of the paperwork for you. We ensure that your petition is correct and that you provide the necessary documents to the court.

You can change a child’s name if you have his or her birth certificate and if both parents consent. In cases involving an estranged parent, we can help you locate the absent parent and obtain his or her consent, and in limited circumstances, we can even accomplish the name change without the other parent’s consent. A child who is 16 years or older may change his or her name with the custodial parent’s consent if the custodial parent has been the sole financial supporter of the child and there is evidence to show that the absent parent abandoned the child.

Adults may change their name if they provide an affidavit of good character. An adult must also be fingerprinted as part of the process. You cannot change your name if you owe taxes or court-ordered child support.

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