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What You Need To Know About QDROs And Retirement Assets

Having retirement assets is vital to your future. Unfortunately, your divorce may throw your outlook into question unless you take steps to safeguard what you deserve. What will happen to your pension or retirement plan benefits after you and your spouse separate? A good family law attorney can help you secure those retirement funds with an effective, enforceable qualified domestic relations order (QDRO).

At Billick Rogers Family Law, our divorce and property division attorneys work tirelessly to help you settle the question of who gets which retirement assets. We’ve spent years helping North Carolina spouses in and around Concord as they seek to build solid futures for themselves and their children. You may be entering a completely new phase of your life’s journey, but we’re of the belief that mediation and well-established legal expertise can help you resolve the unknowns and get a better idea of where you’re heading.

Understanding QDROs

QDROs, or qualified domestic relations orders, play a vital role in retirement asset management. These formal court orders, which help establish alternate beneficiaries who can then collect payouts from a pension plan or other retirement vehicle, are particularly important part of any strong divorce strategy. QDROs may be used to:

  • Fund child support payments
  • Help spouses get retirement funds covered under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) without being penalized for withdrawing early
  • Divide all household properties more fairly by taking different kinds of assets into consideration

QDROs are designed to help you split possessions as equitably as possible. At Billick Rogers Family Law, it’s our goal to ensure that your division is not only fair but also intelligently planned. We work to help you anticipate the value growth of retirement assets so you receive amounts that actually reflect the worth of the properties in question and let you enjoy a more secure future.

We Care About Fighting For What You Deserve

An effective QDRO goes both ways. While it’s important that the breadwinner doesn’t unfairly withhold vital assets, their exes also need to respect certain bounds. At Billick Rogers Family Law, we have experience working both sides of the dispute and know how to help you part ways with your spouse as amicably as possible so you can get on with your life.

Our divorce lawyers work hard to represent your needs and your family’s best interests no matter who you are. Talk to us about creating a legally sound safety net for the days to come. Call 704-788-3262, or email us now, to find out how we can help you.