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Parental Alienation

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Parental alienation, whether overt or subtle, can have a devastating effect on a child and the innocent parent. The good news is that you can take action to protect your child in this situation.

At Billick Rogers Family Law, we have helped numerous parents protect their relationship with their children. Whether you are in a custody battle or need to modify an existing custody agreement, we can help you understand your options. For a confidential consultation with one of our Concord parental alienation attorneys, please contact us online or call 704-788-3262.

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Consequences Of Parental Alienation

Similar to the actions of a controlling parent, parental alienation has the effect of turning a child against the innocent parent. Some of the most common forms of parental alienation include:

  • One parent saying cruel things to the child about the other parent in an attempt to poison the child against the other parent
  • One parent punishing the child for spending time with the other parent
  • One parent withdrawing from the child and withholding affection/privileges for spending time with the other parent
  • The at-fault parent making the child repair the relationship by dissociating from the innocent parent

While parental alienation can happen in any family, it often occurs in blended families. In these cases, the parent may purposely and overtly favor the children from one marriage to punish the child from his or her other marriage. The children often feel as if they are responsible for saving the relationship. This situation can also happen when the court considers the child’s wishes about which parent to live with.

Parental alienation may be grounds to modify an existing custody order. We can discuss your case with you and help you determine what the next steps are. Sometimes, we involve a child psychiatrist to evaluate whether the child’s preference and emotions are real or the product of parental alienation.

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