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Modifying Court Orders

Assisting Clients In Modifying Family Law-Related Court Orders

Child custody and other arrangements made at the time of a divorce can reflect both the needs of family members at that time and the haste and stress of the divorce process. When the time comes to modify arrangements, our Concord modifications attorneys at Billick Rogers Family Law can help.

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We handle both disputed modifications and modifications that both parties agree on so that the change needs only to be facilitated in court. Modifications we handle include:

Has a dispute regarding a self-employed person in regard to spousal support or child support amounts arisen? Do you or the other parent wish to move to another city or state? Have job demands or other considerations led to the need to modify child custody or visitation/parenting time?

We are skilled at gathering the evidence needed to support modification requests and in presenting it to judges in modification hearings.

If an income is disputed, we can work with experts to gather and assess financial information. If a parent wishes to relocate, we determine why the move is being considered and how it will affect the best interests of the child. By demonstrating a material change or the lack of a material change, we can fight effectively to protect your rights and pursue your goal on either side of any modification dispute.

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