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Child Support

Representing Clients With All Manner Of Child Support Issues In North Carolina

Parents with child support issues can face a broad range of needs. Perhaps you need legal assistance in obtaining an initial child support order, in getting your current child support judgment modified, or perhaps the payer of child support has stopped paying or pays erratically, and you need help in enforcing the judge’s decree.

The child support and family law professionals at Billick Rogers Family Law can help.

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Amber Billick and Bill Rogers have handled hundreds of child support disputes and challenges.

  • Have you stopped receiving child support payments?
  • Do you believe you are overpaying child support?
  • Do you need assistance in establishing fair child support payments?

We can subpoena bank records and other documents if necessary to prove the opposing party earns more income than they are claiming. Enforcement actions can be brought against deadbeat parents.

We are also highly knowledgeable regarding the North Carolina child support guidelines and can work effectively toward a fair arrangement that works for you and is in the best interests of your child. Though our state’s child support guidelines are rigid, flexibility can be found by ensuring that the right financial numbers are used when calculating child support amounts. Also, when circumstances permit, deviations can be pursued.

For more information and to schedule a consultation with an experienced North Carolina family law lawyer, please contact us online or call 704-788-3262.