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Abusive And Controlling Spouses And Parents

We Can Help You Take The Next Step

Is your spouse abusive physically, verbally, financially or emotionally? Are your children witnesses to or victims of the abuse? To protect yourself and your children, you can file for divorce and/or custody.

Billick Rogers Family Law can help. With our experience in family law, we have handled divorce and custody cases involving abusive and controlling spouses and parents. We understand that this is an extremely difficult situation. You can rely on our compassion and dedication to your case.

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Have You Experienced Abuse?

If you are suffering spousal abuse or living with a controlling spouse, you may be able to obtain a divorce from bed and board. In these cases, the court can grant the divorce from bed and board, ordering the at-fault spouse to leave the marital home. You may also be eligible for a domestic violence protective order, which can include an award of martial property, temporary custody of minor children and, sometimes, financial support.

Types of spousal abuse may include:

  • Threats or derogatory statements
  • Yelling
  • Wrongful accusations of an affair
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse/marital rape

An abusive or controlling parent can put your child’s safety and your relationship with your child at risk. Have you noticed any of the following things happening with your child?

  • Is your child inexplicably withdrawn or sullen after visits with the other parent?
  • Does he or she return from visits with the other parent with unexplained bruises or cuts?
  • Has the child suffered sexual abuse or exposure to sexual material or nudity?
  • Does the other parent punish or threaten the child about reporting issues to you?
  • Does the other parent reward the child for saying negative things about you?

Contact Billick Rogers Family Law Regarding North Carolina Abusive Parents

You can file for custody in cases of parental alienation or domestic violence. We will help you protect your children and their best interests.

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