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Making Divorce Work: Bringing Hidden Assets To Light

Getting divorced isn’t just about ending your former relationship and trying to achieve a healthier emotional state. You must also separate the shared possessions that once made up your household — and you need to ensure you receive what you’re owed in the process. Unfortunately, your ex may decide to make life harder by hiding some of those assets you lawfully deserve.

At Billick Rogers Family Law, we work diligently to make divorce proceedings — especially those involving contentious issues, complicated property division concerns and hidden assets — proceed as smoothly as possible. We’ve spent years growing our skill set to mediate and litigate effectively on behalf of North Carolina divorcees. Our attorneys aren’t afraid to take on cases with serious financial ramifications, and we’re proud to help people understand the long-term legal impacts of their decisions.

Who Needs Asset Discovery?

Hidden assets can take many forms, but they may not always be obvious. Your spouse may be hiding possessions such as:

  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement funds
  • Real properties
  • Business interests, investments and stocks
  • Insurance policies

How can you find out whether your ex is trying to keep you from getting your fair share of such assets? It may require an in-depth investigation, but unfortunately, you won’t always have the time or legal knowledge to discover such deceit on your own. Our team is armed with a broad range of proven discovery techniques that can help you gain critical insights and make the right decisions about how to handle your divorce. We’re fully prepared to bring our considerable knowledge to bear on your behalf.

Why Is Asset Discovery Important?

Uncovering hidden assets does more than just start you off on better financial footing. Judges and family law courts may use your possessions to decide how much you should get from a contentious split. Discovering assets may improve your odds of receiving fair separation agreements, alimony and child support. Another beneficial aspect of discovery is that it can give you a stronger hand at the negotiating table during mediation.

Don’t let a soon-to-be ex’s actions blindside you or compromise your happiness. Become better informed about your divorce by talking to our dedicated family law team. Contact us online or call our office in Concord at 704-788-3262 to discuss your hidden asset suspicions with us today.