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With A Family Financial Mediator, You Can Make Your Divorce Settlement Agreement Work

You’ve been trying your hardest to meet your soon-to-be ex halfway, but they won’t budge. They’re uncooperative — maybe not too surprising since, if he or she was open to reason, you may not be getting a divorce. And although involving a third party therapist may not have helped your marriage, it can do wonders when it comes to negotiating a settlement and preparing for the future.

As two of the few North Carolina lawyers who are also a certified family financial mediators, Amber Billick and Bill Rogers of Billick Rogers Family Law know how to help you come to terms with your ex. Although each of our partners have helped countless divorcees move forward amicably as respected neutral parties, our attorneys care passionately about ensuring that families in Concord and other parts of the state resolve their family law disputes fairly.

What Does A Family Financial Mediator Do?

There are many ways to divide your money and other assets during a divorce. Although you can take the whole case to court, North Carolina law demands that you try to mediate financial disputes before handing things over to a judge. Family financial mediators act as impartial third parties who can help you come to decisions regarding:

  • The most equitable way to divide property such as real estate, vehicles, insurance policies, pensions and personal possessions
  • Child support and alimony
  • Visitation and custody

Why does working with a mediator matter? Mediation saves you time in court so you pay less in legal fees. As trained and certified family financial mediators, Amber Billick and Bill Rogers can help you pursue a resolution that lowers your stress and equips you with the material resources you need to build a stable life.

Should You Hire An Impartial Mediator?

Although it’s possible to hire a regular lawyer who can act as a mediator, this strategy only covers one party. You and your spouse will each need your own attorney to represent your interests. Working with a family financial mediator that serves neither party but rather works to help both come to a fair agreement may wind up being more cost-effective, equitable and agreeable in the long run.

Contact Billick Rogers Family Law today to find out if Amber Billick or Bill Rogers is the right family financial mediator for you. We have years of experience helping North Carolinians resolve the financial disputes that often prevent them from moving their divorces along. Call 704-788-3262 or contact us online for more information.