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How to be a successful single parent after divorce

Divorce in North Carolina affects virtually every aspect of life. Divorcees who are raising children are losing not only a spouse, but also a parenting partner. They suddenly find themselves in the role of a single parent, and the transition may be difficult. According to the Huffington Post, there are several characteristics that most successful single parents share. First of all, successful single parents set goals for themselves and their children, and they take the appropriate steps to achieve them. It may be necessary to rethink parenting standards and priorities for the new core family, especially if the standards during the marriage were set by the former spouse. There may be advantages to seeking new social circles or professional emotional help during the difficult transition.

Single parents who are recovering from a recent divorce should take time to maintain their own physical and emotional health. Exercising and eating well will provide the necessary energy to face each day. Additionally, exploring new hobbies can provide a way to cope with the emotions of divorce. Parents who focus on themselves for a while have the opportunity to establish their new identity, and they may then be better equipped to raise their children with confidence.

Maintaining healthy relationships is important. This means avoiding toxic interactions with the former spouse, as well as disparaging talk about him or her to the children. Civility between the parents may help minimize stress for the children, and it will allow for smoother transitions between homes for those who are timesharing. Children who have secure relationships with both parents may heal more quickly from the divorce, and therefore be better equipped to thrive in their new home life.

Although there are positive steps for single parents to take, Modern Parenting warns that there are also potential pitfalls that may arise, such as negativity from the former spouse and others. However, choosing not to dwell on that negativity is key. Newly single parents who avoid unhelpful relationships, and exercise patience toward themselves and their children during the difficult times, may experience a smoother transition into their new life.

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