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Stepparent Adoption

Family Law Representation In Concord, North Carolina

Are you interested in legally adopting your stepchild? Do you wish for your partner or spouse to adopt your child, and need legal assistance regarding your rights and regarding legal processes and requirements?

At Billick Family Law, family law attorney Amber Billick can help. We have handled hundreds of family law issues, including straightforward or highly contested stepchild adoption proceedings. For more information, contact us today.

Contact our Concord lawyers to arrange a consultation, or brief us on your situation here.

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Many legal challenges can arise during a stepparent adoption:

The location of the biological parent may be unknown. The biological parent may contest the adoption. The adopting party may have difficulty proving that the biological parent has not been fulfilling his or her parental duties.

We can work to provide the absent parent with notice regarding the adoption, either personally or via publication in a newspaper distributed in his or her last known area of address. We can also conduct an investigation aimed at proving the parent has not been sufficiently involved in the care and raising of the child.

In addition to handling stepparent adoptions we handle other forms of adoption, including grandparent and relative adoptions and foreign adoptions. For more information, please contact us online or call our Concord office at 704-490-4054.