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What are NC judges’ guidelines for misdemeanor punishments?

If you have committed a misdemeanor offense in North Carolina, the severity of your punishment depends on a number of different factors, including the discretion of the judge. However, no judge has the authority to set an unreasonable penalty. The North Carolina Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission explains that lawmakers have set some parameters for sentencing policies in the state, known as structured sentencing.

Driving without a license

In North Carolina, the penalty for driving without a license is considered a Class 3 misdemeanor for any person. This offense may be committed by drivers whose licenses have been suspended or revoked, or by people who never had a driver's license in the first place. The specific penalty for each offense may vary depending on the reason a license is not produced by the driver.

Understanding larceny

Many states no longer label larceny as a specific punishable offense, but rather place it under the broader umbrella of theft. However, the state of North Carolina still recognizes larceny charges. According to the National Paralegal College, larceny is the movement of personal property with the intention of never returning it to its owner. This does not include the use of force. In this case, personal property is distinguished from real property, which is a permanent structure or something attached to the ground. For example, a car would be considered personal property, while a building is real property. There are many specific facets that define larceny.

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