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Going over statistics on teen drunk driving

There are many factors to consider when it comes to DUI charges, such as the existence of previous offenses and whether or not any victims were hurt in the accident. However, those who are charged with driving under the influence in North Carolina and are not 21 years old may have unique considerations. For example, they may lose their ability to drive to school or be unable to get to and from work. In many states, the legal limit for teenagers is much lower than it is for adults.

How widespread is drunk driving among teens?

When it comes to drunk driving, there are an array of factors that must be considered. For example, those facing DUI charges may have their lives upended in all sorts of ways, while others may not be sure if they are over the legal limit after consuming a seemingly small amount of alcohol. However, drunk driving among teens raises additional issues and it is vital to realize the prevalence of underage DUI.

What are additional consequences of drunk driving charges?

If you are charged with drunk driving, you may be worried about losing your driver’s license, being ordered to pay steep financial penalties and even being sentenced to prison. However, drunk driving charges could affect your life in other ways as well. At Baker Billick, our North Carolina law firm knows all too well how these charges can shatter the lives of people in Mecklenburg, and all across the state.

What is aggravated DWI?

If you are charged with a DWI, your sentencing may vary greatly depending on the specific factors involved in your case. Your objective as the defendant is to prove mitigating factors, while the prosecution attempts to prove aggravating factors. Mitigating factors offer explanations for your behavior, and they may lower your sentencing if the court accepts their veracity.

This weekend, don't let one bad play cost you the game

Even if you aren't a football fan, you are likely aware that the Super Bowl is this weekend. Millions of people tune in to this game every year, even if they only want to watch the commercials. And if you are like most Super Bowl viewers, you are likely going to be watching with a beer or cocktail in your hand.

Impaired driving

Impaired driving in North Carolina can cause a variety of serious problems for both the driver and those in his or her vicinity. According to the Centers to Disease Control and Prevention, an average of almost 30 people die in alcohol-related traffic accidents each day in the United States. Alcohol abuse and the impaired driving that results may be more common in certain age groups. Among fatal accidents involving drivers with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent or higher, almost one third of all offenders were 21-24 years old.

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