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Cellphones can help document a serious accident

Serious accidents happen every day in North Carolina. Between three and four people die in motor vehicle crashes every day, and roughly 338 people are hurt every day, according to 2015 crash statistics. That means that you incur risk every time you decide to get into a car, whether you're driving or riding as a passenger.

When most people think about cellphones and car accidents, they think about distracted driving. Cellphones can contribute to serious accidents. However, they can also help you document the aftermath of an accident, which can help you after the crash.

No one should be driving and texting or surfing social media. Having a cellphone available to you when driving, however, can make a huge difference to how quickly you get help after an accident. A cellphone ensures that you have instant access to local emergency services. You won't have to wait for someone else to stop or need to walk to a nearby home or business. You can call immediately, while still in your vehicle or after exiting to inspect it. Cellphones can help ensure you receive timely medical treatment and help from law enforcement after a serious accident.

Recording with a cellphone can help you

After a collision, you or the other driver may need to move your vehicle to ease traffic congestion or reduce the risk of a secondary collision. Doing so may prevent another accident, but it could make it much harder to prove to law enforcement, insurance companies or the courts how the accident happened. Documenting the scene of the accident with both photographs and video help verify your version of events. If the other driver was responsible for the crash, it's possible he or she could misrepresent what happened to law enforcement. Images make it harder to alter the truth.

You should also record yourself and other passengers in your vehicle talking about what happened immediately before and after the crash. Was the other driver on the phone when the crash happened? Was there swerving or other indicators that the driver was exhausted or intoxicated? Did a failure to check before turning or merging cause your accident? Relating all of these details as soon as possible in a video or audio recording after the accident can help provide critical evidence when issues arise after your crash.

An attorney can help you explore your options

From negotiating with insurance companies to holding a negligent driver accountable in civil court, a lawyer understands what you can do after a serious crash. The sooner you speak with an experienced North Carolina personal injury after a crash, the better your chances of a positive outcome. Your lawyer can review your images and videos and help you determine the best way forward.

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