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Truck accidents can have a lasting impact on your life

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is part of daily American life for most people in North Carolina. However, each time we drive, we risk serious injury, even death. Every day, people across the state are in serious car accidents.

For those whose accident was with a commercial vehicle, such as an eighteen wheeler truck or semitruck, the injuries and damages may be overwhelming and life altering.

Commercial trucks pose a serious risk to those in personal vehicles

Commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than standard personal vehicles. The people in the smaller vehicle are at substantially increased risk of injury or death after an accident with a commercial truck. Between exhaustion, driving burnout which results in willful negligence and blind spots, it is possible for commercial trucks to cause a debilitating or fatal accident without the driver of the truck even sustaining an injury. It is unfair to you and your family that you have to suffer through medical treatments or the loss of a loved one while the person responsible just walks away.

Commercial truck drivers are subject to a number of regulations intended to reduce accidents. These include rules about mandated breaks and rest times. All too often, truck drivers may bend or overtly break rules meant to prevent exhausted driving in order to reach their destination on time. Some companies even encourage this illegal behavior by offering bonuses for on-time arrivals of commercial shipments. If you believe the truck driver involved in your accident was impaired, exhausted or distracted, you absolutely need to speak with an attorney to ensure he or she is held accountable.

An attorney can help you after a trucking accident

You may not know what to do in the wake of a serious accident. The trucker, the trucker's employer and the insurance company involved are all counting on your goodwill and naivete. It's likely that any initial settlement you are offered will be much lower than it should be. This is common practice, because insurance companies want to keep losses low and you may not realize what amount of compensation you should receive after a serious accident with a commercial truck.

Your attorney will be looking out for your best interests. You should never accept a settlement offer without first getting legal guidance. Your attorney can advise about what amount would be appropriate. He or she can negotiate with the trucker's employer or insurance company to secure a better settlement offer. If settlement isn't working out, your attorney can also help you file a civil suit to recover your losses after an accident.

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