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March 2017 Archives

Two types of divorce in North Carolina

If you are seeking a divorce in North Carolina, you should know that the state classifies it into two different types, depending on the couple's circumstance. Here at Baker Billick, P.A., we understand the complicated factors that go into divorce cases, and we are determined to fight for the best possible outcome for you during a difficult time.

Bicycle-vehicle accidents can cause major injuries

People choose to bike for a variety of reasons. For some people, commuting to school or work on a bike is the best way to work regular exercise into a busy schedule. In some neighborhoods, biking can help you bypass the worst bottlenecks for traffic, creating a faster and less frustrating commute.

Heroin: an growing problem in North Carolina

The use of heroin and other opioids appears to be increasing throughout the country, according to Fox8. In the year 2015, these drugs claimed more than 33,000 lives, which was a 72 percent increase from the previous year. Among the states that have experienced a rise in heroin use, North Carolina tops the list along with two others. The epidemic is not limited to particular geographic regions or demographics, and it is continuing to infect communities everywhere.

What is post-judgment modification?

For divorced couples in North Carolina, post-judgment modification is a change in child custody or support. You or your spouse could request a change in custody, but the court must decide if the request is in the best interest of your children. There are several instances in which a judge may alter your original agreement.

How do I know if my spouse is cheating?

One of the many causes of divorce in North Carolina is unfaithfulness on the part of one spouse. If you suspect your spouse may be cheating, you should observe his or her behavior and check for the presence of several common warning signs. While you do not want to be overly paranoid, you should not be naive about your spouse's actions and allow him or her to take advantage of you.

Emotional recovery after divorce

People in North Carolina who are going through a separation from their spouses need to understand the process of grieving for their marriage as well as the path to emotional healing. According to Mental Help, one of the most important steps toward recovery is establishing a new identity. Once a married person becomes single again, he or she may feel lost and without purpose. However, the weeks and months after divorce may be the time to renew previous hobbies that had been forgotten during the marriage, or to explore new ones. If possible, removing sentimental photos or objects from the marriage from the living space may allow healing to take place more quickly. Since strong emotions sometimes become distracting or debilitating, it may help to write out a priority list of tasks that need to be accomplished, and make a determination to accomplish them.

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