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December 2016 Archives

3 things new drivers should know about big rigs

Now that you have your driver's license, you probably want to go everywhere and do everything. It is important that you ensure you are driving in a safe manner so that you and your passengers have a good chance of getting back home in one piece. Unfortunately, you can't control everyone on the roadway. There is a chance that other drivers might do things that can lead to accidents. When you share the road with semitrucks, you are facing some very serious risks. Understanding some basic points about these trucks might help you to avoid crashes with semitrucks.

Understanding larceny

Many states no longer label larceny as a specific punishable offense, but rather place it under the broader umbrella of theft. However, the state of North Carolina still recognizes larceny charges. According to the National Paralegal College, larceny is the movement of personal property with the intention of never returning it to its owner. This does not include the use of force. In this case, personal property is distinguished from real property, which is a permanent structure or something attached to the ground. For example, a car would be considered personal property, while a building is real property. There are many specific facets that define larceny.

Graduated driver’s license programs and safety

For many teenagers in North Carolina, turning 16 means access to transportation and freedom. To acquire a driver’s license at this age, certain state requirements must be met. According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, a teen who is younger than 18 years old must first complete 12 months with a limited learner permit, and cannot have received a traffic citation in the previous six months.

How to be a successful single parent after divorce

Divorce in North Carolina affects virtually every aspect of life. Divorcees who are raising children are losing not only a spouse, but also a parenting partner. They suddenly find themselves in the role of a single parent, and the transition may be difficult. According to the Huffington Post, there are several characteristics that most successful single parents share. First of all, successful single parents set goals for themselves and their children, and they take the appropriate steps to achieve them. It may be necessary to rethink parenting standards and priorities for the new core family, especially if the standards during the marriage were set by the former spouse. There may be advantages to seeking new social circles or professional emotional help during the difficult transition.

4 considerations of a semitruck crash settlement for family men

You have many things to think about when you are injured in a semitruck accident. Your wife and children likely depend on your income to make ends meet. This means that you need to have some money coming in while you heal from your injuries. Seeking compensation from the semitruck driver, trucking company and auto insurance company is one option that you can explore. These cases are sometimes resolved through a settlement, which has benefits and drawbacks that you must consider.

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