Legal Assistance Regarding The Guardianship Of A Minor Child Or Incapacitated Adult

As elder loved ones age, it may become necessary to establish a guardianship so that in the event of disability or incapacity, a designated person with legal authority can provide care for his or her personal and property interests.

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Concord guardianship attorney Amber Billick of Billick Family Law provides knowledgeable guardianship law legal counsel. We are experienced at:

  • Setting up guardianships for minor children, special needs individuals and elder loved ones suffering from dementia and other forms of incapacitation
  • Resolving conflicts when the potential ward disputes the creation of the guardianship
  • Resolving disputes among family members regarding guardianships
  • Resolving disputes between individuals and between individuals and organization, such as trust companies, regarding guardianships and managed assets

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Has a minor child's parents passed away? Do you have questions regarding the appointment of a public guardian? Do you need assistance in establishing a guardianship for your incapacitated parent?

We can discuss your objectives and work to set up a legal guardianship that accomplishes your full goals regarding personal, health and financial interests. In addition, we are experienced litigators and dispute resolution lawyers. We can ensure that guardianship requirements are fully met and that your goals are met.

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