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Restraining Orders and Orders of Protection

Located in Concord, North Carolina, Billick Family Law, regularly represents individuals in domestic violence court. Our clients are individuals who are the victims of, or have been threatened with, domestic violence, as well as individuals who are accused of committing acts of domestic violence or violating domestic violence protective orders. We help people obtain restraining orders and orders of protection under the various North Carolina laws enacted to protect domestic violence victims.

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About Billick Family Law

Our family law practice is led by attorney Amber Billick. Provides compassionate assistance and protective advocacy for domestic violence victims and for those accused of committing acts of domestic violence.

Types of Orders of Protection Under North Carolina Law

North Carolina law has two main types of restraining orders, which are also called orders of protection.

  • Chapter 50B of the North Carolina General Statutes governs orders of protection to prevent violence between two people who have had a personal relationship. These orders of protection are sometimes called domestic violence protective orders.
  • Chapter 50C of the North Carolina General Statutes was enacted to address stalking or harassment by individuals who do not have a personal relationship with the victim. A 50C order is also called a civil protective order.

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