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If you die without a will, your family will not know your final wishes. Your estate will be divided and distributed according to North Carolina law, and your assets will be subject to probate and estate taxes. In addition, if your minor children are left without parents, the court decides who will become their guardian.

If that is not the future you want for your family, now is the time to create a will and estate plan. No matter the size of your estate, a will is something every adult should have. At Billick Family Law, our experienced estate planning attorney can review your assets and objectives and then help you decide which estate planning tools are right for you.

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The Purpose Of A Will

Wills serve multiple functions, including transferring property and other assets to your beneficiaries. Because a will is a probate document, any assets it transfers will be subject to estate taxes. If you have significant assets, a trust may be a better option for transferring assets.

In your will, you can name guardians for your children. You can also name individuals to be your health care power of attorney and your durable power of attorney. These people will make decisions about your health care and finances, respectively, if you are incapacitated. We can draft health care directives to provide for end-of-life care as well.

You may also specify your wishes regarding funeral and burial plans, including whether to pay for these services now or designate funds from your estate to cover the cost.

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