Powers Of Attorney

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Individuals and families often experience a level of confusion regarding what powers of attorney are, why and when they are useful and which kinds of powers of attorney are available.

There are two types of powers of attorney in North Carolina:

  • A health care power of attorney. In this role, an individual makes medical decisions for another in the event of a coma, dementia, a debilitating disease or any other form of incapacitation.
  • A durable power of attorney. In this role, a designated individual handles all of the affairs of an incapacitated individual (except health care, if there is a health care power of attorney). A durable power of attorney typically handles financial matters, as well as insurance, housing and related matters.

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Incapacitation can occur at any time from an accident or ailment. If you have not yet designated your health care power of attorney and durable power of attorney, we can help.

Amber Billick is a North Carolina lawyer, handling powers of attorney with Billick Family Law. We have extensive experience assisting individuals and families prepare for unexpected events through estate planning.

We understand that it can be unnerving preparing for serious issues such as debilitation and incapacitation. We provide hands-on assistance, and can discuss your concerns in a supportive environment, then walk you through the power of attorney legal process with care.

In addition to preparing clients for future potential medical issues, we can assist clients in designating a power of attorney for events such as purchasing or refinancing real estate. To schedule a consultation with a Concord attorney regarding the establishment of powers of attorney and other aspects of estate planning law, please call 704-490-4054 or contact us online.