Living Wills And Health Care Powers Of Attorney

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In the course of our lives incapacitation, unfortunately, is not uncommon. Considering the serious medical and legal issues that can arise when incapacitation occurs, it makes sense to set aside some time to prepare legally for this possibility. Two legal tools are commonly used:

  • By establishing a health care power of attorney, you designate who will make medical decisions for you in the event of a coma, dementia, a debilitating disease or other forms of incapacitation.
  • By drafting a living will, you can set forth your wishes (for loved ones, medical providers and your health care power of attorney) to follow in the event of incapacitation.

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Without these two legal tools, loved ones will be burdened by important decisions that are difficult to make without guidance from you. Also, they may unwittingly make an important decision that is contrary to your wishes.

If you need estate planning legal assistance in Concord, contact the Concord living will lawyer of Billick Family Law firm. Attorney Amber Billick is skilled at meeting both the immediate and long-term legal goals of our clients.

We understand that addressing the possibility of incapacitation and the inevitability of death can be difficult, emotionally. As an experienced attorney with a caring and hands-on approach, Amber Billick provides personable service and skilled legal counsel with the goal of setting you at ease and accomplishing your full legal goals. To schedule a consultation with a North Carolina attorney regarding living wills, a health care power of attorney and other aspects of estate planning, please contact us online or call 704-490-4054.