Is It Time To Think About Estate Planning?

When you go through major life changes, your plans for the future need to evolve in kind. You may be able to survive a marital separation, custody battle or support dispute, but these transitions can also affect those you hold dearest. Estate planning might be the best way to ensure that the side effects don't throw things into disarray.

At Billick Family Law, our legal staff works hard to keep families in Concord and other parts of North Carolina prepared. It's impossible to know what tomorrow holds, but we're proud to help parents and caregivers think ahead with smart, legally valid planning. Our diligence has not only earned us the recognition of our peers in the family law realm but also ensured that regular people could provide for their loved ones responsibly.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning involves preparing for your death or incapacitation, and it's an important responsibility regardless of how healthy or young you are. By addressing important questions about how your assets ought to be managed once you're no longer able to take care of them yourself, estate planning can help you:

  • Provide for your heirs and prevent them from entering disputes that harm their relationships with each other
  • Ensure that the benefits associated with your marital property get distributed to the right parties
  • Minimize the tax obligations and legal fees that your loved ones incur when they try to use the inheritances that you leave them

When you go before a family law court, the ownership arrangements that define who controls your possessions could change. If you don't keep up by modifying your current estate documents, then they might lose their validity and become less effective when your heirs need them most. Our goal is to help you anticipate the ramifications of your actions while you're still around to make a difference.

Count On Our Estate Planning And Family Law Knowledge

What should your post-divorce estate planning strategy entail? Whether you're trying to create a fresh will to include your new family or modify the terms of trusts as ordered by a court, it's vital to understand the subtleties of the law so you can create a legally enforceable plan. An experienced, knowledgeable family estate planning attorney can help you accomplish these goals.

Don't leave your loved ones' futures up to chance. Take advantage of our lawyer's in-depth understanding of estate planning by contacting us online or calling 704-490-4054 today.