Collaborative Divorce And The Use Of Mediation In Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a stressful and uncertain time in your life. You are working to move on from an unfruitful marriage and move into a productive new life. Unfortunately, the process can involve numerous court dates and tense disagreements. However, an experienced family law attorney can help you mitigate some of those "fight" instincts by using mediation and collaborative divorce techniques to resolve your dispute in a more favorable manner.

At Billick Family Law, our legal team is committed to providing effective, compassionate family law representation for people in the greater Concord, North Carolina, community. If you want to retain more control over the outcome of your divorce — and you want it done quicker and at a lesser financial cost — our skilled attorneys will work closely with you to help come to an amicable solution for serious family law matters that deeply affect you and members of your family.

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The high volume of divorce cases traveling through the courts has prompted some jurisdictions to adopt mandatory divorce mediation and negotiations. It is common for the court to order mediation in child custody cases. If it appears to the court that financial matters could also be resolved through talks, mediation may be required in the overall divorce as well. That is mainly because many of the issues facing estranged couples are resolvable when clear heads prevail. If both sides are willing to negotiate, a Billick Family Law attorney can help resolve many issues by working with the lawyer on the other side.

The mediation process involves the attorneys and parties discussing the marital assets, support, child custody and other relevant issues with their clients. By providing a baseline about how North Carolina law is commonly applied, everyone can have a basic working knowledge of what fairness means in a legal sense. With a greater understanding about the legal implications, spouses are encouraged to move toward agreement that reflects prevailing laws. Some issues fall into place easily and others require more extensive negotiations.

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Working out a settlement through mediation can help minimize tense formal courtroom hearings and costly litigation. It basically saves clients time, money and allows you to focus on starting an independent and more fruitful life.

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