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Focusing On Your Long-Term Well-Being

At Billick Rogers Family Law, we focus on two things: family law, and your long-term wellbeing. Your selection of the best divorce attorney to deal with the specific needs and challenges of your situation will make the divorce process more efficient, less traumatic and less expensive. Attorneys Amber Billick and Bill Rogers have decades of experience between them representing individuals and families throughout Concord and Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Our team has the skill, dedication and tenacity to help you determine the best solution and strategy for your particular situation. We take a holistic view of your circumstances, addressing both immediate concerns and the long-range effects on your future and your family.

Our idea of the practice of law is not complicated. We do our best to provide our clients with the best quality of practical legal representation as efficiently and as cost effectively as we possibly can. We will serve your interests, not our own. In short, we try to take a problem solving approach to the practice of law.

“The best compliment I remember receiving came from a long-time client who explained to a business associate (and me) why I was his lawyer. ‘He’s honest, he tells you what he thinks, and he does what he says he will do.’ Simply put, this is how we try to practice law. When a client retains our firm for legal representation, that client deserves to have a clear understanding of what we will do and just as importantly, what we will not do.” – Bill Rogers

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Family Financial Settlement Mediators

Our attorneys, Amber Billick and Bill Rogers, are certified as Family Financial Settlement Mediators through the North Carolina State Bar. Click below to find out how our certified mediators can help facilitate settlement of your divorce or equitable distribution dispute.

A Big Picture Approach To Family Law

What’s more important than right now? Your future. That’s why at Billick Rogers Family Law we help you focus on the long-term — the big picture — rather than letting you get caught up in your adversary’s issue of the day.

Whether you are involved in a high-asset split or struggling to make ends meet, we can help you:

Focus On Yourself

We can help you take care of #1

Focus On Your Children

Make sure your kids’ best interests are protected

Focus On Your Future

Do not lose sight of the tomorrows yet to come