Covering The Future Needs Of Brain Injury Victims

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A traumatic brain injury creates great financial hardships. The medical costs can be staggering. Often the victim can't work or family members must scale back on their own jobs to provide care.

The law firm of Baker Billick, P.A., helps North Carolina families coping with the aftermath of serious brain injury. We will vigorously pursue full compensation from the person or entity whose negligence harmed your loved one.

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What Caused The Brain Injury Accident?

Trial lawyer Luke Baker leads our personal injury legal team. He has handled traumatic brain injury (TBI) resulting from motor vehicle crashes, bike and pedestrian accidents, workplace accidents, serious slip-and-falls and other tragedies. We conduct a thorough investigation, sometimes with the aid of accident reconstructionists, to identify the careless, reckless or intentional acts of others that led to our client's injury. We are not afraid to take on any corporation, employer or big insurance company in pursuit of justice.

What Are Your Loved One's Symptoms And Care Needs?

Every brain injury is different, from the range of symptoms to the degree of brain damage. Even a concussion may have a lingering impact for many months. We work with family members and doctors to document the devastating effects of TBI such as memory loss, inability to concentrate, cognitive deficits, balance or motor impairment, sensory or speech impairment, chronic headaches, outbursts, depression or personality change.

We commonly work with therapists, economists and life care planners to calculate compensation for:

  • Nursing or assisted living care
  • Occupational therapy to recover function
  • Psychological counseling
  • Lost wages and projected earnings
  • Permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering

If the defense refuses to settle for a reasonable amount that covers these future needs, we are prepared to present our case to a jury.

We Can Intervene To Protect Your Rights

Brain injuries are not always diagnosed immediately, especially when the victim has suffered broken bones or other serious injuries. You need a firm like Baker Billick, P.A., that has the experience and resources to maximize compensation for catastrophic injuries.

We take cases in Concord, Charlotte and Asheville and throughout the western region of North Carolina. Call 704-706-9308 or contact us online. We can arrange to come to your home or hospital.

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