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Bus accidents can bring unusual and confusing legal questions. What laws affect negligent bus drivers and bus owners? Do interstate transport laws apply? And is the bus a public or private bus and how does this affect time limits, filing rules and insurance coverages?

The Concord bus accident attorney Lucas T. Baker of Baker Billick, P.A. can provide qualified and experienced assistance. He has extensive experience and work with nurse consultants, insurance consultants, investigators, accident reconstructionists, private investigators and other experts when handling auto claims, and we have a solid track record of achieving good results for our clients. For more information and a free initial consultation, contact us.

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Baker Billick, P.A., Can Assist You After a Bus Accident

Many steps are necessary in preparing for settlement negotiations with insurers and for trial. We conduct an independent investigation of the accident by visiting the scene, reviewing witness statements and conducting independent interviews of witnesses. By reviewing medical records and calculating lost wages, medical expenses, diminished quality of life and future medical needs, we can determine the full and fair value of your claim.

We then bring years of experience to the negotiation table with insurers. We have earned a strong reputation as trial attorneys who are not afraid to try a case, and insurers often base their settlement offer on this fact. When insurers fail to offer a fair settlement, we can file for a courtroom date immediately.

Insurers have their own attorneys and legal help, and you deserve yours. To discuss your bus accident with an experienced accident lawyer, please contact us at 704-706-9308.

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