Prescription Fraud Attorneys

Prescription drug charges result from a broad variety of circumstances. Have you been accused of:

The Concord prescription drug charge attorneys of Baker Billick, P.A., provide criminal defense legal representation that is both aggressive and caring. We understand that if you face an addiction to painkillers or other narcotics, you need supportive assistance fighting both your charges and your addiction.

We also understand that if you face prescription drug trafficking charges, you may have made a simple, one-time error in judgment or may need aggressive help regarding the alleged sale of large quantities of a controlled substance. For more information, contact our firm.

Contact our Concord lawyers to arrange a consultation, or brief us on your situation here.

If a prescription drug addiction has resulted in fraud charges or charges of "doctor shopping", we can work to having your criminal penalties mitigated. Often, community service and/or drug counseling can lead to a significant reduction in legal consequences.

If you have shared a controlled substance or sold even just a few pills to a friend experiencing pain, we can prepare a strongest-possible case explaining the true facts of the case. We have also handled trafficking/distribution cases involving large quantities of drugs.

The attorneys at Baker Billick have extensive experience in fighting and beating drug crime charges. To learn more, contact us. Our rates are reasonable, our consultations are free and our firm includes an attorney who can speak Spanish. Contact us at 704-706-9308.

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