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Identity theft cases in Concord, NC, are often aggressively prosecuted by state and federal agencies. To protect your rights, you need a lawyer who understands the complexities of white collar criminal cases and who has the experience to battle the government on your behalf.

At Baker Billick, P.A., founding partner Laura M. Baker is licensed to practice in the middle federal district of North Carolina. She has experience trying federal criminal defense cases. If you have been charged with identity theft or another white collar crime, speak with us as soon as possible; early involvement can be the key to a successful defense. For a confidential consultation with a Concord identity theft defense attorney, please call 704-706-9308.

Identity Theft and Computer Crimes

Criminal charges that involve interstate commerce, such as the use of the phone or Internet to defraud, are typically prosecuted as federal crimes. Identity theft often occurs online in the form of phishing, fraudulent e-mails, fraudulent websites and other Internet scams. Hacking into a database or personal computer is another common way to commit identity theft.

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Federal offenses generally impose severe penalties. If convicted, you could face time in a federal prison and be burdened with a criminal record for the rest of your life. As your attorneys, we will work hard to protect your rights and mitigate penalties.

We know that police or federal agents can make errors and misinterpret facts and circumstances. They may charge everyone who is associated with the real subjects of their investigation. Charges of identity theft may be mistakenly brought against individuals who did not knowingly or intentionally commit fraud.

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If you are the target of an identity theft investigation, do not wait to be indicted. Contact us today, and we will work to keep your case from progressing to the prosecution stage. To make an appointment, please call 704-706-9308 or contact us online.

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