Experienced Lawyers For Federal Drug Charges

Federal drug offenses can lead to serious criminal penalties, including years or decades in prison. Judges are bound by mandatory minimum prison terms by federal statute. Though judges have discretion to depart from guidelines, they must still remain over the mandatory minimums.

If you face a federal drug fraud, trafficking or distribution charge, contact Laura Baker at Baker Billick, P.A. She has handled numerous drug crime cases, including prescription drug fraud, drug sales and drug possession.

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Federal drug charges are highly difficult to handle without experienced legal assistance. Numerous complications will likely result. For instance:

  • In many federal drug cases, several federal investigators may be involved, including co-conspirators and undercover informants. Wiretapping and electronic evidence may also be involved.
  • Most drug cases involve search and seizure. With knowledgeable assistance, you may be able to question the validity and admissibility of evidence gained by federal agents.

Firm attorney Laura M. Baker and others on our criminal defense team meet with you following your arrest and provide the counsel and assistance you need. To learn more, and to discuss your concerns with our attorney, please contact us at 704-706-9308 .

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