Experienced And Effective Representation In Federal Court

Being charged with a federal crime is very different from any state charges. You not only need an attorney admitted to the federal court system but a criminal defense attorney who understands federal rules and procedures.

In North Carolina, the federal districts are divided into the middle, eastern and western districts. The Concord, North Carolina, area is in the middle district. At Baker Billick, P.A., our Concord federal criminal defense attorney is admitted to practice in this middle federal district. Our criminal defense practice represents clients in Cabarrus, Rowan or Stanly counties. If you have been charged with a federal crime, contact our Concord law office immediately to discuss your case.

Negotiation Skills Are Crucial

Experienced Concord federal criminal defense attorney, Laura M. Baker, leads our criminal defense practice. She can effectively represent people in both state and federal court. Attorney Baker has extensive experience in negotiating. This is crucial in federal court. Generally, the United States District Attorney's office does not pursue a case all the way to trial unless there is a strong possibility of a conviction. The hope is to negotiate a good plea deal. Mrs. Baker will negotiate with the prosecution to get the best possible deal under your individual circumstance.

However, this does not mean that our firm prefers negotiations. We never do something just because it is "easier" and are always prepared to aggressively fight for you at trial. Attorney Baker has taken numerous cases all the way to trial and gets effective results that count.

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Federal criminal charges include:

​Early involvement of a knowledgeable Concord federal criminal defense lawyer is critical to avoiding the worst consequences. Call us at 704-706-9308 or contact our Concord law office online for a confidential consultation with our drug trafficking charges lawyer.

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