Experienced Criminal Defense For Serious Drug Trafficking Charges

If you have been charged with drug trafficking in North Carolina, it is important that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. Drug crimes in general carry unusually stiff penalties. Drug trafficking convictions carry mandatory prison sentences and very large fines which are non-negotiable.

Laura Baker of Baker Billick, P.A., has handled dozens of drug crime cases and is prepared to provide immediate legal representation and assistance.

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Following your arrest, we can ask key questions that may play a large role in your case:

  • Did police have a warrant if and when they searched your home or vehicle?
  • Did an informant turn you in and, if so, is he or she credible?
  • Did police search your person or property without probable cause?
  • Who actually owned the drugs in question?

Another key factor is the quantity of the drugs. The charge of "possession with intent to sell and deliver" is less serious than a trafficking charge, and the difference between the charges is based solely on the amount of drugs. By addressing this and other key questions, Laura Baker has been successful in negotiating reductions in charges and sentences.

If you face drug charges in North Carolina, contact a local law firm founded by a North Carolina native with a track record of success. Contact Baker Billick, P.A., at 704-706-9308or contact us online.

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