Criminal Defense Attorneys

Baker Billick, P.A., strives to provide aggressive and cost-effective criminal defense representation for all of our clients. Our No. 1 priority is to advocate for your best interests and represent you to the fullest extent of the law. We have built strong relationships with Judges and Prosecutors in the Concord, NC, area to ensure that your case gets the most fair and most equitable judgment and prosecution.

Most importantly, we want you to understand the charges against you. Whether it is a traffic offense or a felony, our goal is to make you understand the personal, legal and financial aspects of your legal matter.

Contact our Concord lawyers to arrange a consultation, or brief us on your situation here.

Rest assured that the attorneys at Baker Billick, P.A., will use their combined years of experience to represent you in your legal matter. Our attorneys will use that experience and their relationships with the Judges and Prosecutors to navigate a complicated judicial system, all while advocating for you. Nothing is worse than incriminating yourself when you do not have to, so we encourage our clients to never speak to anyone about a case except for our experienced, licensed attorneys.

Criminal prosecution is very tight knit in Concord. Laura M. Baker and our other attorneys know how to navigate the system behind the scenes to get your perspective on what happened heard and advocated for. If necessary, our Attorneys will go to trial and zealously fight for you in criminal court to ensure that no one is taken advantage of and that your trial is fair and impartial.

Baker Billick, P.A., offers a comprehensive set of criminal defenses, including:


We encourage you to contact our Concord office as soon as possible to arrange a confidential consultation. The earlier a criminal defense lawyer is involved, the better your chances of avoiding formal charges or minimizing the penalties. You can reach us at 704-706-9308 or contact us online.

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